Female employee performing a battery test on a white pickup.

Safety Checks Done Right

Safety Checks Done Right

When it comes to safety, the pros at Les Schwab know a thing or two about the services your vehicle needs for safety and performance. Our free Pre-Trip Safety Check goes beyond your tires and wheels with visual inspections of your steering, battery, brakes, suspension, and alignment.

Checking Your Tires and Wheels

Inspecting your wheels and tires for leaks, tread wear, and balance to keep you rolling the right way.

Aligning with Your Schedule

Potholes, curbs, and more can knock your vehicle out of alignment, reducing fuel efficiency and wearing out your tires a lot faster.


The Les Schwab free Pre-Trip Safety Check includes a long list of visual inspections. Once our pros are done checking out your vehicle, they’ll give you their honest advice and show you all of your options. If your car or truck doesn't have any issues, they’ll send you on your way — free of charge.

Services Include:
  • Tire Inspection
  • Tire Pressure Check
  • Visual Wheel Alignment Inspection as Indicated by Tire Wear
  • Visual Inspection of Front End Components
  • Visual Inspection of Shocks and/or Struts
  • Visual Battery Inspection and Load Test
  • Visual Inspection of Brake Components, Including:
  • Calipers
  • Brake Rotors and Drums
  • Brake Pads and Shoes (Including Braking Material Measurement Using a Brake Gauge)
  • Brake Hose and Hardware
  • Master Cylinder Including a Check of Your Brake Fluid
Pre-Trip Safety Check Appointment

* Most Vehicles